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Must have features for any HCM Software

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Mar 5

Rhonda Rush

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My top five favorite things about Scissortail HCM

  1. THE MOBILE APP - Scissortail HCM mobile provides an intuitive user interface that lets employees and managers address everyday tasks quickly. I really enjoy the fact that I was able to access, download and provide my pay statements to the car dealership when I made an impromptu car purchase. 
  2. HR ACTIONS- it's so easy to create customized processes for things like hiring, pay rate changes and other employee related processes which allow even the most green employee to complete necessary tasks without extensive training. The best part is, that the workflow behind the process will ensure that the right people are notified when the process is completed. They can either approve the item, reject the item, modify the item, or just be notified a change has been made.
  3. BENEFIT ADMINISTRATION -benefit administration in Scissortail HCM is super cool because once you've set up the profile then it is used not only for new employee enrollment and onboarding but also for open enrollment and life change events. Something everyone comments on is that updating benefit rates is easy and convenient. Rates are date driven so they can be updated as soon as you are made aware of changes for the new plan year. You don’t have to wait until crunch time to squeeze them in. 
  4. ACA FORM PROCESSING - processing 1095-C forms in scissortail is a breeze. You are able to keep up with all the changes throughout the year and see a timeline of what that form will look like on each employee's record long before the rush end of year report processing and all of the processing is done inside the system, so you don't have to pay for any third-party processing.
  5. AUTOMATIC 401K CATCHUP CONTRIBUTIONS - in Scissortail, there is no need for separate 401 K deferrals versus 401K catchup deferrals. Scissortail is smart enough to look at the employee's age and automatically extend the maximum contribution level based on the IRS allowed contributions for employees ages 50 and up.

What’s New at Work

A few weeks ago, while in a training session, I mentioned to Bonnie that when I'm not certain of what path I should take while resolving an issue for a client - I always think, “What would Brandi do?” Then I popped off that we should get WWBD bracelets. Don’t you know that Bonnie gave me a WWBD bracelet? This is one example why I love my CS3 family! Thanks, Bonnie! 

What Would Brandi Do custom bracelet

What’s New Outside of Work

WELL…. Although 2020 was so hard in SO MANY ways, I managed to find my silver lining. Now, the countdown is on to the day I marry the man of my dreams! WOOT! CHEERS! As a result, my weekends are filled with cake tastings and other fun planning our celebration. 

Cake Tasting Time

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