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November 2020 Employee Spotlight: Michelle Taylor

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Mar 18

Michelle Taylor

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What I Do for You

As a member of the ERP Team, I help our customers to get the most out of their software.  We look not only at the native software solution but also at an integrated solution to achieve larger goals.  In a nutshell, my job is to make your workdays easier.    Whether better efficiency is needed, fewer clicks, taking on more responsibility with the same effort, or simply want the system to do more automatically, we find the right process for your success.

When I wear my team manager hat, I’m striving for the smoothest implementation or customization project.  As well, any smaller personalizations we handle are taken care of with ease to you, by putting our expertise to work for you.  Another aspect is to ensure that our team is constantly growing our knowledge, to be ever-present with our solutions and offerings.  My favorite part of my job is to find just the right answer to handle a customer’s complex need with the click of a button, and better yet, without the click.  

The Cs3 Service Pillar I Find Most Natural

 In my heart of hearts, I promise that these ought to be just one pillar: LOOK FOR IMPROVEMENTS and while SPENDing MONEY AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN.  

As a true consultant, each time I assist a user, I’m always looking for a better, easier, quicker way for them to perform their duty at hand.  Sometimes we find that this certainly can be achieved with an “easy button” and then find the “easy button” seems to be made of gold.  When we find the ROI just doesn’t fit, we find a better method to achieve the goal.  As a deeply frugal gal, my starting point is always ‘work with what we have’ before branching out.  There are so many wonderful solutions that truly improve our efforts, when the right situation presents itself, it is certainly worth the purchase. 

What’s Been Happening at the Office

As just one of our many remote workers, my office is at home - shared with my husband, 3 dogs, and a cat – so, fur is something flying!  As a decade-long, veteran WFH-er, my kids joked that when COVID-19 hit, my little world didn’t much change.  

Being outside our corporate office, and the farthest away from it, I do like to be involved in local professional groups; everyone needs personal work interaction.  So, while we work within our new professional gathering offerings, folks may have become well acquainted with my large Baymax coffee mug during the oh-so-many video meetings.  

What’s Coming up This Year

With the big holiday season upon us, I am deeply looking forward to enjoying time with family.  I’m also much looking forward to the new releases of our software products.  Each is poised to bring even more to our customers by expanding the native functionality.  With Sage Summit being rescheduled to late-Spring 2021, I am looking ahead to gathering with our partner-group members and customers that are also attending.   As an Events Committee member with our partner-group, we’re learning all there is to know about virtual conferences, as our next one will be – who knew there was so much to do to share knowledge??  Jumping up on that stage almost seems like a cakewalk (huge Glossophobic!)

Exciting Things Outside the Office

A few months ago, one of our children brought their 2 dogs for a visit…and the dogs are still here, along with another pup from another child.  It just makes me smile to sit on the back porch and watch them all play in the now completely-fenced-in back yard.  Every time they see the cat, bless him, all three can’t seem to tell (lick) him enough that he is loved.  With a canceled graduation trip under our belts, we are looking forward to being able to take the other graduation trip next Spring.  Only time will tell if the daughter’s college send-off with be as shielded as the son’s, a few months ago.  And our last exciting thing on the horizon is a return to Disney World.  We can’t fully plan it just yet, though fingers are crossed for it to be soon!

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