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Navigating CS3 Support for a Seamless Business Experience

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May 28

Bonnie Molina

The most asked question before “go live” is “What is the next step for support?” The answer to that question is always the same. The same consultants that helped during the implementation are the same support consultants.

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A new process was put in place a little over a year ago and when a support ticket is submitted and received, I manage all requests, and triage each ticket by opening, determine if I can solve the problem quickly, or hand it over to the appropriate consultant. 

Contacting support is easy. Support tickets are submitted via the website, within the product, or direct email to, if you ever forget the email address or how to create a ticket inside the product or our website, the email address to support is included in every team members email signature. There is one more method, by phone, our company phone number is 1-866-496-1600 and is automated, and if I do not answer, be sure to leave a message for either the HCM or ERP support. Choosing the correct support line is paramount to getting your needs met quickly.

When submitting a ticket there are some helpful information that will help us before we contact you back:

  1. Make sure there is a way to contact you, phone, email, etc.
  2. Include the company name.  
  3. Include the product (several clients have multiple products)
  4. For Scissortail include the employee(s) name. 
  5. Include screenshots. 
  6. If you prefer to work with a consultant, request them. 

Support is here and ready to help when needed. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help. 

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