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Mike's Top 5 Features of Sage 100 | July

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My 5 Favorite Things about Sage 100

In no particular order, except for #1,which is my #1.  I don’t like hunting down spreadsheets for data.  If it’s necessary data, put it into Sage.
1.       Custom Office: User-Defined Fields and Tables

Sage 100 provides an out-of-the-box ERP solution for many businesses and can be customized in multiple ways.  Adding highly specific data by creating user-defined fields (UDFs) allows you to record and maintain that data permanently within Sage rather than storing it in separate spreadsheets.  Keeping it in Sage helps you attach the data to specific customer, vendor, or item records. These UDFs can then be pushed through Sage to display on various task screens, forms or reports as needed.

2.       Explorer Views

Sage 100 comes with many prebuilt reports that provide insight into your business, but it also comes with many predefined data views in Business Insights Explorer. These views provide you with access to data in an easy-to-read format that can quickly be exported to Excel, giving you greater ability to work with and analyze your data.  In addition, you can drill down into greater detail, or launch Sage 100 tasks and inquiry screens directly from the Explorer views.

3.       Visual Process Flows

Visual Process flows are a great way to standardize work processes.  They can be used as a training aid but used routinely they can help improve efficiency.  The process flows contain links directly to all the tasks needed to complete specific functions in Sage, saving time navigating throughout the Sage menu to find them.

4.       Task Scheduler

Just like the name implies, this a great tool for scheduling tasks that need to happen on a regular basis. Whether it's daily Sales Journal Updates or printing weekly reports over the weekend so they are ready to review in Monday morning meetings, Task Scheduler can help get things done as required and free up time.

5.       Visual Integrator

This is a great tool for importing or exporting large amounts of data but can also be used to speed up data entry tasks. I often see it used for payroll data entry, whether you use Sage Payrollor just need GL entries related to payroll that was processed by a 3rparty, or sales order entry for importing multiple web orders, it helps you getthat data into Sage with greater efficiency and accuracy.


What’s New at Work

Well, me.  I joined CS3 just a little over six months ago.  I have worked with Sage 100as both a user and consultant for several years now and prior to that with Sage500. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you as time goes on.  But don’t wait for a problem to reach out tome.  If you are just wondering how to make Sage 100 work better for you and your business, send your questions to me now.


What’s New at Home

I have been a life-long resident of Massachusetts, but just recently purchased a home in South Carolina and will be permanently relocating with my wife, Joanna, and our dog, Ozzy.  If you hear the ocean waves cascading on the shore when I’m working with you, know I’m helping you from my beach chair.  If you don’t hear the ocean, then I’m likely assisting you from the golf course.

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