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Basic Requirements in your Next ERP Software

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Dec 9

Troy Vars

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number 5 – Today’s work Today

Acumatica’s dashboards and integrated Tasks help me keep an eye on my deliverables and focus on the work that needs to get done today, and get it done today.

number 4 – Customization is inherent in the design of the system

Acumatica lets my creative side shine. Sheri talked a bit about UDF’s or User Designed in her Sept Top 5. Acumatica goes well beyond that though. Customizable workflows, customizable data screens.

Recently, I got the chance to add a Pause Reason and in filter based on Status to the Field Service module for a client. I was able to integrate the Workflow to show a pop up for the Appointment screen if the technician chose to Pause an appointment for weather, parts or even lunch and have that data update the office from the mobile app. It was a really cool example of how little changes can be made to have a big impact for the end-user.

number 3 – Filters, tabs and searching

Nearly every screen in Acumatica now comes with a built-in list of the records that have been entered into the system. The UI design is such that I can create filters on the fly or save those filters to be person or shared tabs. Even more so I can filter by using the search box on the right-hand side of the list quickly turning a simple list screen into a powerful tool to locate sort and even export these lists of records.

number 2 – User profile

My user profile sets my default time zone, numbering and date formats for those who appreciate European standards it’s a must have. Beyond that it lets me dictate my landing page when I log into Acumatica, which I currently have set to our Cases Dashboard, but peeking over Sheri’s shoulder I can see she has set to the Sales Management Dashboard. That personalization is great. Likewise, I can set my default branch and when visiting customer sites to help with their Barcode Scanners, I like to set my default warehouse here too! Saves scanning that step and I can always change it in the scanner on the fly if I need to.

number 1 – Customer bill of rights

I am a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay’s saying that a restaurant or any provider of services should focus on providing “Value for Money”. CS3Technology has at its core the 18 service pillars and our Price Protection and Confidence Contract living up to this principle. Acumatica has what they call their Customer Bill of Rights, a set of guiding principles that ensure the customer is being treated fairly and transparently.

What’s New at Work

I joined the Acumatica MVP Developer’s Network this year, trying to take advantage of my developer colleagues and grow my programming chops! Also getting ready for this year’s Acumatica Conference and taking another run at winning Hackathon. Our team placed third at the last one, so hoping to do as well or better this year. Really its not the winning that is the joy but the competing, learning from your peers and trying to find new ways to stretch Acumatica Framework to its limits.

What’s New at Home

We are celebrating the birth of our third grand child. Meanwhile, I am loving the cool winter days, and my wife is clamoring for spring!

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