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LMS Created Content Versus Purchased Content

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Mar 5

Robyn Hollas

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a powerful software application. It allows you to store, track, and deliver learning, certifications, and courses to your employees. Now, imagine integrating this functionality seamlessly into your existing human resources system. 

That's right, Scissortail offers a fantastic option for adding an LMS to enhance your employee training and development. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and calendar reminders, and say hello to a streamlined and efficient process with Scissortail's LMS system. Let's dive into the details and explore how Scissortail HCM and an LMS can revolutionize your company's learning experience.

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Scissortail offers a great option for adding an LMS to your existing Scissortail system. You have the option to create your own content or add in purchased course content. 

Before we get too far, let’s start with a couple of basic questions. What is an LMS? Does my company need one? 

An LMS is a Learning Management System. It can also be called a learning content management system, learning activity management system, or learning experience platform. All names describe the same functionality of the same software application. It stores, tracks and delivers required or optional learning, certifications, or courses to your employees. 

With constant changing of learning or certification requirements for companies and industries, it can easily be modified to accommodate a company’s needs by the administrator.  

Does my company need an LMS? Approximately 83% of companies currently use an LMS to administer their learning library. The LMS system for Scissortail eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and calendar reminders for your staff. It also eliminates errors when dealing with required compliance. 

The system is easily set up to add learning or certification requirements by job title or date the learning needs to take place and many other parameters that work for your company. When a company utilizes an LMS, not only does it help the training and development staff that administers the training, but also makes it easier for the Safety Manager or Director to adhere to compliance regulations timely. 

The LMS system that is aligned with Scissortail, you have the option to create your own content, add in purchased content, or a combination of both. You may have company specific training that is required one time and needs an annual review. The course or courses can easily be built to manage content and your videos.  

Many industries have required certifications for employees to be able to complete their job. The LMS can easily deliver the required courses to complete the learning and/or certifications to the employees by dates set within the system. Reminders can be emailed automatically to the employee’s manager when the certifications are due or days prior to the deadline. 

Purchased content through your vendor of choice can be connected to the LMS. You may have safety courses that are very specific to what your company or vendor requires. The courses can be integrated, delivered, and tracked just like your self-created content. Many options for purchased content can be more general topics such as general sales, etiquette, office skills, safety, and many other generalized areas.  

An LMS is a tool that can streamline and allow efficiency for your training and education needs. This will allow your training and development staff more time to create new content, review the existing content more often or be able to have more time to complete other responsibilities.  With our LMS option, the sky's the limit on the created or purchased content that you would like to house, deliver, and track for your employees. Please reach out to one of our CS3 team members for more information. 

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