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Leveraging Attachments in Acumatica

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Dec 7

Dana Zodrow

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One of the greatest advantages of Acumatica is the ability to attach files to each transaction. This useful feature cuts down on the need for paper files, file cabinets, and other office storage expenses, while making it easy to view documents. By linking files and notes to each entry, you can easily transfer information to additional personnel as well, since anyone with access to the transaction and/or profile is able to view the attachments.

Whether you are creating a bank transaction, journal entry, payable or receivable, any financial documents and other attachments can easily be uploaded to Acumatica.

How to Attach a File to a Record in Acumatica ERP

  • At the top of the page regardless of type of transaction, there is a clickable field called FILES.
  • Once FILES is clicked, a box will appear showing anything that has previously been uploaded, as well as links to upload additional files.
  • Click Browse to choose the necessary file.
  • Click Upload to add to the transaction.
  • After the document has uploaded, you can click on the name of the document in blue to view it.
  • W-9’s, maintenance agreements, and any type of correspondence can be added to a vendor/customer profile, as well as individual transactions.
  • The example below shows our vendor, Oklahoma Tax Commission, attachments. Agreements, resale certificates, and other documents are all attached to the vendor for easy access. Notes can also be helpful to pass on specific information for the transaction and/or profile.

Sales Order Invoices

  • Since sales orders are eventually converted to invoices, documentation should be attached to the sales line instead of the FILES link at the top, so that it will also be attached to the invoice once it is created.

AP Aged Period Sensitive

  • I also use this report to verify past due amounts or clean up, as well as balancing to, the G/L monthly.

Bank Statements

  • Utilize file upload to attach official bank statements to the monthly bank reconciliation.

Expense Reports

  • Attach expense reports and/or receipts to journal transactions for future reference.

Tax Entities

  • Upload any documentation and/or correspondence with tax entities for easy reference if any issues arise later.
  • Most tax entities require reports whether or not money is owed. Acumatica not only holds the documentation but allows $0 invoice amounts to be posted to show the report. Simply create a payable with$ 0 owed, and attach copies of the report and/or confirmation. Using this feature can cut down on unnecessary fees and provide necessary documentation to the entity when denying fees and/or charges.

Remember, Acumatica makes it easy to complete all your accounting tasks and conveniently store the documentation and additional information necessary for complete accounting accuracy.

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