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June Employee Spotlight | Kim Sellers

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Kim Sellers

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What I do for you.

I have been working with CS3 for over 20 years.  I help with data conversions that migrate historical data into the software that CS3supports.  Additionally, I build small interfaces in Microsoft Access to store data and perform special calculations or reports.  I also build middleware which is software in between two systems where data is transformed from one to the other.  An example of middleware is importing data from the time system, adding the payroll earning codes and writing it into the payroll system.

I graduated 40 years ago with a degree in computer science and worked for Cities Services Company (later purchased by Occidental Petroleum) my first 10 years.  After that I became an independent contractor working for various clients which provided flexibility with our young family.

I love making our clients’ jobs easier by automating manual processes.  Currently I work on the HR/payroll side of the business, but many years ago I did work with Shawn Slavin and the ERP systems.

The CS3 Service Pillar I find most natural is Focus on delivering value.

I have always told clients the truth (another pillar!) about developing software.  If you can buy an “off -the-shelf” software solution, that is going to be your most cost-effective option.  It takes a lot of time to develop software and make sure that it will work for every situation that may come up, plus all the hardware options that may need to be configured for a company’s operations. But sometimes our clients have a very specific need, and that is where I can help.  I try to develop a cost-effective solution and only what is needed.

What’s been happening at the office.

I have worked remotely during my entire time with CS3.  I share a home office with my husband who works from home part of the time.  Fun fact about my husband – he and Gary Crouch were roommates in college.  We have been friends for a lot of years.

What’s coming up this year.

We are busy loading new clients into Scissortail.  The cloud-based system is different for me as a programmer, because I can’t get to the data with my programming languages.  I do help with getting the data into the proper format for importing.  The clients really love this new system.

Exciting things outside the office.

This is my favorite subject.  My husband and I have been married 40 years.  We have two sons that are grown and married.  One of our sons lives in Dallas with his wife and our two wonderful grandchildren (ages one and three).  The other son and his wife currently live in Tulsa, but are getting ready to move to the Fayetteville, Arkansas region.  We love spending time with all of them.

We love to travel, especially to a warm beach.  A lot of our travel is to visit family.  My mother is doing well in Indiana at the age of 94.  Rob’s dad, at the age of 92, lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  At least our kids are a shorter drive! In the last ten years, we have been to South Sudan and Colombia for medical mission trips.  A few years ago, we went to Israel for a once-in-a-lifetime memory (everyone should have this on their “bucket list”).  We love cruises for relaxing and have taken many of them during our marriage.

We also LOVE sports – almost all of them.  It was a great year for our alma mater’s men’s basketball team, Oral Roberts University, making it to the Sweet16 in March.  That was definitely a highlight for 2021.

Labor Day, 2020 at Hilton Head with the family
Granddaughter, Charlotte
Grandson, Andrew
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