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June 2020 Employee Spotlight: Troy Vars

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Dec 9

Troy Vars

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What I Do for You

As a Senior Consultant and Developer on the ERP team, my main role is to help our customers implement the premier ERP system in the world, Acumatica. For the last 20 years, I have been part of teams implementing ERP software and facilitating process improvement via Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. At CS3, I get to put that experience to work daily by helping our customers to realize the ROI from utilizing Acumatica and eliminating non-value-added work steps in their business processes via automation.

If you are a client in need of complex reporting, multiple system integration or a custom screen, I will be hard at work on completing that for you or advising those hard at work on the best approach to fulfill that need. Otherwise, you will probably find me sifting through code and communicating with the Acumatica development team to support any issues my clients may be experiencing.

The CS3 Service Pillar I Find Most Natural

They say we are supposed to pick one, but as the consummate consultant, I can’t stick to just one. I have to have more options.

For me, “Focus on Delivering Value” and “Protect Your Integrity” are the most natural.
  1. Delivering Value

The concept of value for money espoused by Chef Gordon Ramsay has been something I have long been an advocate of. Any cost should have an equal to or greater ROI, before putting a plan into action. Change for change’s sake is a waste of time, effort, and resources.

  1. Integrity

In my father’s house, we were raised with three simple rules: Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat. It was not long before I realized that a lie was theft of the truth and that cheating was theft of fair play. In the end, there was only one rule—do not steal. This pillar  always reminds me of that and in a way is strongly tied to delivering value. Being forthright about what we can achieve, what the software can do, or if we are on time for a deadline is just ensuring we are delivering on value and getting our clients the ROI they deserve.

What’s Been Happening at the Office

I am one of those employees who work mostly remotely from home. So, if we are talking about my office, then we are quite busy dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and having the family schooling, working, and living in the same seemingly small space. The last 12 months have afforded me ample opportunity to flex my coding skills on various client interface projects and customizations.

Outside of these walls, CS3 Technology itself has seen some significant growth which has brought opportunities and challenges alike.

Acumatica announced a partnership with BDO, so I guess we are now “in the know” as BDO’s commercials advise. They also acquired JAAS Systems, bringing more functionality to the already robust Manufacturing Suite. I can’t wait to see if and how the CADTalk partnership gets further developed under this arrangement.

What’s Coming Up This Year

I am personally looking forward to the 2020R2 release and the Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas again this year. 2020R1 saw significant enhancements both from front-end usability but also in developer tools, like the addition of BQL fluent and linq support. Word in the development community is that we should also hear Acumatica’s plans to move from .Net Framework to .Net Core and from ASP .Net to Aurelia.

Here at CS3 Technology we have lots going on, and I am privileged to be working on a few key projects that should further bring value and benefit to our clients. But more on that later, as things come to fruition.

Exciting Things Outside the Office

Beyond the office, my youngest daughter is nearing delivery of our second grandchild, so the summer months should be exciting with plenty of little ones running about. Our first grandchild Jackson just turned one and is adding running to his loco-mogation repertoire.

This time of year, my youngest is just waiting for me to open up the pool so that he can spend sunup to sundown in it.  

And I have found a new amazing painter to emulate besides Bob Ross, so with COVID winding down, I will hopefully have some space to set up the old easel and break out the colors. The below painting reminds me so much of Kansas and Oklahoma skies on my trips into the office. I would so like to get similar results…

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