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If Only I Had Known About Sage Alerts and Workflows

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Feb 18

Christine Luttrell

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As part of my job, I talk with clients every day. I hear the things about their businesses that are going well and, often times, things that aren’t. One consistent message is how busy workers are and how difficult it can be to stay on top of everything. Sometimes things get missed.

In today’s world, businesses are becoming more efficient and it seems things change at a more rapid pace than ever before. It can sometimes feel like we are just trying to keep up. This is when things can fall through the cracks, really important things, that could have an impact on the overall business.

I heard someone say the other day, “the information age has become the information overload age”. While it is great to be armed with information, sometimes during the work day, have you ever felt like saying “if only I had known”. Seems strange, I know, considering how much appears to be right at our fingertips. But that can be the crux of the problem.

Taking advantage of tools that can help us stay on track, or even head off an issue before it happens, is essential.

Every organization has critical information and transactions that require ongoing supervision. Sage Alerts & Workflow proactively monitors your company’s data and identifies conditions that fall outside of your standard operating procedures. It searches for important deadlines so you can avoid costly compliance issues, expired benefits, or missed recertification deadlines. It can notify you when a customer balance gets too high or if there are unapproved purchase orders. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what projects are running over budget or if a key inventory items minimum quantity has been reached?

When the system identifies an issue, it sends an alert to an email, cell phone, dashboard or you can configure it so a pop up shows up on your screen. Once the alert is delivered, the system can trigger automated workflows to automatically generate any documents you might need and continually update your database as needed.

Turn your “if only I had known” in to “no worries, it’s already been handled” with your own personal assistant. Sage Alerts & Workflow will keep you on track.

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