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How to Navigate Scissortail UKG Accruals 2.0: Enhancing Efficiency

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Oct 24

Mary Lou Garcia

Accruals are a critical aspect of any organization's time management and leave policy. They determine how employees earn and utilize their time off, whether it's for vacation, sick leave, or personal time. Efficient accrual management ensures smooth operations, accurate time tracking, and compliance with regulations. Isn't it time for a solution that simplifies and optimizes this process?

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Enter UKG Go Accruals 2.0, a somewhat recent update to the renowned HR management software. With Accruals 2.0, HR professionals, decision-makers, and anyone involved in leave management can take their accrual processes to the next level, enjoying a range of new features designed to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and provide an exceptional user experience.

Let's take a closer look at some of the standout features and improvements in Accruals 2.0.

Automated Maintenance of Accrual Policies

Gone are the days of manually handling accrual policies. Accruals 2.0 automatically maintains all Accrual Policies, ensuring consistency and reducing administrative burden. You can bid farewell to tedious policy updates and focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

Accrual Profiles for Enhanced Flexibility

Accrual Profiles introduce a new level of flexibility to Accruals 2.0. You can now define specific Accrual Policies for each Accrual Category (such as PTO, Sick Leave, or Vacation). Within each policy, customize accrual rules to meet your organization's unique needs. This level of granularity empowers you to align your accrual rules precisely with your company's policies and requirements.

Automatic Nightly Runs

Accruals 2.0 takes the pain out of manual updates. The enhanced engine runs automatically every night, recalculating accrual balances and updating records. Now, you can rest assured that your accrual data is always up to date, without the hassle of constant manual intervention.

Personal Schedules for Individualized Accruals

The new Personal Schedules feature allows individual employees to have unique accrual award schedules that differ from the standard policy. This flexibility accommodates diverse employee needs, such as accommodating special circumstances or customized time-off plans. UKG Go understands that each employee is unique, and Personal Schedules ensure a tailored approach to accrual management.

Accrual Donations and Borrowing Time

Accruals 2.0 brings innovative options for time management. Employees can now donate their unused accrued time to a company level bank, fostering a culture of support and solidarity. Conversely, employees who don't have enough time in their accrual balance can request additional time from the Accrual Bank when submitting a time-off request. These features enable collaborative time management, ensuring that employees have the time they need while fostering a positive work environment.

Projected Balances for Better Planning

Accruals 2.0 introduces projected balance calculations, providing employees and managers with valuable insights into future accrual balances. Anticipate upcoming accruals, plan leave requests in advance, and ensure your workforce is equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Enhanced Display of Accrual Balances

Accruals 2.0 embraces clarity and flexibility by displaying balances in both hours and days. This dual representation offers a comprehensive view of accrued time, making it easier for employees and managers to understand, plan, and communicate time-off needs effectively.

With Accruals 2.0, HR professionals can unlock a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and control over time management processes. This update empowers organizations to streamline operations, achieve compliance, enhance employee experience, and ultimately foster a productive and engaged workforce.

Explore UKG Go Accruals 2.0 and witness firsthand how Scissortail HCM, powered by UKG, revolutionizes accrual management. Simplify your leave processes, eliminate manual calculations, and discover the joy of effortless, automated accrual management.

Visit our website to learn more about UKG Go Accruals 2.0 and how it can elevate your organization's time management practices. 

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