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Add EFT/Direct Deposit to an Employees Page in HRMS

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March 21, 2018

Cathey Pangborn

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How to Add EFT/Direct Deposit to an Employee’s Page in HRMS

  1. Employees, View/Edit Employees look up the employee you wish to add EFT/direct deposit too. Click Payroll, Employee Payroll, click on the EFT tab.

Employee Payroll screen in sage hrms

  1. Direct Deposit Check Box  - place a check mark here to activate direct deposit for this employee
  1. Bank Transfer Name – enter the employee’s name that is designated to the bank account
  1. Reference  - this defaults to the employee’s ID number or you could enter something different if you prefer
  1. Discretionary Data – this optional two-character field can be used at your convenience, for example, to enable special handling of entries.  Leave this field blank if you do not have any special handling requirements
  1. Click on the insert key on your keyboard, populate the information accordingly:
  • Bank Code – similar to sequence, this code controls the order in which the employee’s deposits will happen.  It is best practice to enter these codes in 10 or 100 increments since you CANNOT change them after they are entered.  Example Deposit 1’s bank code = 100, deposit 2’s = 200 and so on.  This will allow you to enter an additional deposit in between existing deposits at a later date.
  • Description – Bank name
  • Bank ID Qualifier – typically 01-(NACHA) National Clearing House - this is the standard format used by banks in the US.
  • Receiving DFI ID – Bank Routing Number (validation is performed on this field upon saving)
  • Account Number – Bank Account Number
  • Transaction Code – this represents the type of deposit, 22 – Checking or  32 – Savings
  • Calculation Type – Fixed Amount (typically used for partial deposits into savings or checking), % of Gross, % of Net (typically used if identifying the remainder of a check, example % of Net and amount 100)
  • Amount/Percent – enter the amount/percent of each deposit line
  • Start Date – the date in which the deposit begins
  • End Date – the date in which the deposit stops.  If you wish to stop a deposit, you simply enter a stop date.  HRMS does not allow you to delete deposit lines from an employee’s page.  Leave blank if the deposit is active or enter 12/31/2099
  • Destination Country – used for international deposits.  Leave blank for domestic deposits
  • Destination Currency – used for international deposits.  Leave blank for domestic deposits

Example Below:

Employee Payroll EFT screen in Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS Employee Payroll amount editing dialog

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