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How to Add a Salesperson in Acumatica ERP

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Dec 9

Cristi Womack

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Once an employee is hired into your company you have to set them up in all of your systems. Some steps are missed which causes heartache for both the employee and employer.  In Acumatica one step that is easily missed is the salesperson step.  This step is needed to make sure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or commissions are applied to the proper person.  Employees like it when they get paid for what they do, and employers like to see how employees are working towards their KPIs

In Acumatica, you set a new hire up as employees, create salesperson, link employee to salesperson, add employee to a company tree if you have one. We can link a salesperson to specific sub accounts and specific lines on opportunities and sales orders.  

Creating a salesperson is quite simple.  You put in the name, input a default commission percent if you have one and a default sub account (see next paragraph for caution).  Then continue with more specific details by attaching customers which can allow different commission percentages per customer or make defaults. 

While you can use a salesperson for many things, be cautions.  Just because you can do something does not mean you should.  We have one instance where we were thinking ahead and linking a salesperson to specific sub accounts however, we did not realize this is not supported through the Purchase Order side unless linked through a sales order. If we were to use a drop ship PO this would work beautifully however this was not the case.  We have had to do a lot of rework and brainstorming to get the system to do what we wanted.  

If you are wanting to do KPIs you can create dashboards in reference to specific sales or purchase orders or opportunities.  Here is an example of a KPI for salesperson dashboard widget.

As a refresher, you have an employee which is tied to a salesperson where you can specify defaults, create dashboards for KPIs and make sure they are paid their commissions.  Super easy.

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