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Gross-Up Payroll Checks with Scissortail HCM

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Dec 7

Dana Zodrow

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Occasionally, employers will issue net paychecks for a specific amount.  Usually, these are one-time payments, such as a bonus.  Occasionally an employee is promised a net salary i.e. $50,000 annually.  Regardless of which type of payment, whether a one-time or multiple, this will require a “gross-up” or increase in order to account for withheld taxes.  Scissortail makes it easy to accomplish this without relying on payroll staff to manually figure the amounts and limiting possible errors.  Once the pay statement type has been added to the company profile, Scissortail will take care of the rest!

Adding a New Pay Statement Type

  • Navigate to:  Company Settings>Payroll Setup>Pay Statement Types
  • Click the Add New button.
  • The system will generate a question box asking you which category you want to select.  Select the category “Gross-Up” and click the OK button.
  • Fill out the Pay Statement Type section.  
Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated
  • Name
  • Description 
  • Confirm Active and Show PSTs to Employee are valid or uncheck if desired
  • Choose the Pay Statement Defaults
  • Normally you will want to Block normal accruals and/or deductions
  • In the Payroll Alerts section, existing alerts will display in this window.  To add more alerts, click the Add Payroll Alert button.
  • In the Tax Section window, you can configure new tax calculations.  Click the Add Tax Setting button.
  • After clicking the Add Tax Setting button, a question window displays.  After selecting the available options, click the Select Taxes button.
  • After clicking the Select Taxes button, you will be allowed to select the proper tax settings.  Check the boxes desired and click the Add Selected Taxes button.
  • After taxes have been selected, they will appear in the Tax Settings window.
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  • Once the pay statement type has been added to your company profile, you are ready to process a net bonus or gross-up payroll
  • Navigate to Payroll>Process Payroll
  • A list of upcoming payrolls will populate in the Payroll window
  • To add a bonus payroll, click ADD NEW on the top right of the screen
  • A question window will appear, choose Supplemental (unscheduled payroll)
  • The following box will appear:
Graphical user interface, text, application, emailDescription automatically generated
  • Enter the Pay Date (required)
  • Enter the Name (if desired)
  • Enter the Direct Deposit date (if desired)
  • Enter Scheduled Submit Date/Time
  • Enter Pay Period From and Pay Period To
  • Choose the Pay Statement Type
  • Enter a Pay Stub Note for employee (if desired)
  • The new pay period will now appear in your list of future payrolls and you are ready for processing

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