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Everybody Wants a Choice

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May 20, 2016

Sheri Blaho

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Karl Sakas

My monthly AMA meeting was wonderful as usual. Karl Sakas spoke to us about how to help our clients and our firms by simply providing them choices. When you enter into a conversation with a client who is requesting an unreasonable or unwise solution, it is important to listen with empathy, understand their expectations, and know what their incentives are (what will motivate them). This applies to both external customers or departments you may be serving inside your organization.

Then request time to consider their needs. When you return come prepared with what Karl refers to as R-O-C. R-O-C stands for Reasons-Options-Choices. Explain your reasons for the options you are providing rather than their initial request and let them make the choice. We all are truly empowered when we have freedom of choice.

The Sakas and Company specialty is helping agency owners grow without the usual growing pains. However, regardless of the industry, you are in his R-O-C philosophy is outlined his he eBook that is free on his site.

At CS3 we employ a similar strategy with all our software and consulting clients. Each project proposal goes out with 3 options. They may vary with services, software, or timing depending on what is important to the client.

Remember, every month I offer to bring a guest. Give me a call, lunch is on me! Mark your calendar for the 3rd Thursday of the month. For more about the American Marketing Association visit their website here.

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