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Employee Spotlight | May | Delvon Cowans

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Delvon Cowans

Projecting a Positive Attitude - CS3 18 Service Pillars

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What I do for you


I have been working with CS3 technology for about 7years.  I live in Alabama (Roll Tide!!),so I work remotely from home. I spend most of my time assisting customers on the Sage product lines specializing in Sage HRMS and Sage 100.  Sage HRMS and the add on modules such as ESS, HR Actions, and KnowledgeSync are where I spend most of my time.


The CS3 Pillar I find Most Natural-Project a Positive Attitude

My pet peeve is I hate for things to not work.  I try to put myself in the customers shoes when they submit a ticket. Most of the time it is a mission critical item so myfirst action is to always assure them that I can get them a resolution.  I really believe that supporting customers is something I was built do because I have a passion for it .  I always tell the customer “there isn’t anything in the software that you can break that we can’t fix!”

What’s Been Happening at the Office

I work remotely so going into the office is a not something that happens for me. I will say since the pandemic we have seen a constant upswing in business which is a good thing. All the consultants are doing their part to help the clients and each other.


What’s Coming Up This Year

I hope new and exciting things which would include new customers, new projects, and new opportunities to service more customers and learn new things.


Exciting Things Outside the Office

I have two daughters that are 10 and 7 (going on seventeen)so there is something always going on. They recently got their first pet, a puppy name Dallas Blue. That name rolls easily off the tongue for Dallas Cowboys fans.  Since the world is opening back up, I would like to safely add a new stamp to my passport real soon!








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