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Did you know Microsoft Excel has an Acumatica Plug-in?

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Dec 9

Troy Vars

Nehema Ghelani

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​As an accounting intern, I have been the most familiar with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to create financial reports. Learning how to work around Acumatica has been the most user-friendly software that I could have imagined. I was so surprised to see the integration between both products. Most schools and businesses already use Excel to build spreadsheets which provides a smooth transition into combining Acumatica with the knowledge you already have.

Excel allows you to create custom financial reports and has been a go-to for decades now. Acumatica has an exclusive plug-in with Excel to set parameters and withdraw data from Acumatica directly into Excel. The data stays up to date as you change or extend the parameters as you sort or work on reports/projects. It is so much easier than running and exporting each report in Acumatica (which is still a fantastic feature) into Excel every time parameters or filters change and then combining them.

Excel keeps Acumatica’s modifications, features, and formatting which allows the most convenient way to import newly created reports back into Acumatica for instant updates back into the system. Whether you add rows and columns or delete them, it gets updated into Acumatica with no double entry errors or tedious work to trace every number.

Another great thing about Acumatica is that even if I find an error after I have uploaded my spreadsheet already, I can easily search what I am looking for on the software and change it immediately. The filter and search features can direct your steps to anything you tailor it to.

I can’t wait to keep learning more about Acumatica to find more tips and tricks along the way to continue to simplify each task.

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