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December 2019 Employee of the Month - Gary Crouch

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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‍Authentic behavior is the most powerful quality we have as consultants. Authenticity is about undisputed credibility when you articulate what you are experiencing. In other words, express the emotions you feel without being emotional.

The team at CS3 Technology has nominated our leader, founder and president, Gary Crouch as December Employee of the Month.  As the “man in charge”, information to be shared or instructions to be given are not always pleasant or comfortable.  Regardless, Gary consistently guides the team with honesty, thoughtfulness and consideration.

His communications with clients demonstrate the same level of authenticity.  While continually looking for solutions to ensure client satisfaction, he tactfully addresses difficult issues with complete honesty.

For over twenty years he has seen this firm through expansions, contractions, economic downturns and waves of technology opportunities.  Whether we were in a year of growth or conservatism, Gary made all decisions with thoughtfulness for each individual employee measured against the long-term health of the business.

He is a leader in his industry, participating in various roles in many national organizations.  He invests in his local community, volunteering and serving on boards of numerous organizations.  In all positions of leadership, you can count on Gary’s honesty and integrity.

Congratulations to our Chief!

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