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5 Features your ERP should include

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Dec 7

Dana Zodrow

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An Accountants Top 5 Favorite Things in Acumatica

Acumatica is one of the easiest ERP software programs I have ever used. From the search features to the copy and paste abilities, Acumatica is not only user-friendly but easy to learn. Here are my Top 5 Features:

Copy and Paste Feature - When it comes to entering new items, the copy and paste feature within Acumatica is a very handy tool

• For example, entering a payable from a frequently used vendor is easy to do with copy and paste

• Go to Payables/Bill and Adjustments• Search for the vendor in the search bar located under “All Records”

• Click on the Reference Nbr (in blue)• Click the Clipboard Icon dropdown arrow

• Click on Copy

• Click on the +

• Click on the Clipboard icon drown arrow

• Click Paste

• Verify/Edit the fields

• Pay particular attention to the description, due date, amount, and account (coding)

• Attach the bill if applicable

G/L Account Information Can Include Unposted Transactions - A quick way to balance or find errors is to check the account details before posting journal entries

• Click Finance/Inquiries/Account Details

• Choose the correct company/Branch as well as Ledger

• Enter From and To Period

• Enter Account (can enter account number directly, use the magnifying glass to choose from options, or type in an account name)

• To see details including unposted transactions, simply click the box to the left of Include Unposted and Include Unreleased

Links Included in Reports - Links to accounts are available on financial reports

• Click Finance/Reports/Trial Balance Detailed

• Verify Company/Branch

• Choose Ledger

• Enter Financial Period

• Once the report generates, the account number is blue

• Click on the blue number (link) to directly enter the corresponding account to balance and/or troubleshoot

Ability to Email Reports Directly from Acumatica -  There is no need to download a report, create an email in Outlook, attach the document, and send it to recipients. For example, I am processing the weekly payable check run and need to let the owner know the cashflow effect

• Click on Payables/Reports/Cash Requirements (once bills have been approved for payment)

• Choose Report Format• Choose Company/Branch

• Enter Cash Account (or leave blank for all)

• Enter Payment Method (or leave blank for all)

• Enter Vendor (or leave blank for all)


• At the top of the page, click on SEND

• Enter the To email (cc and bcc if applicable)

• Enter Subject

• Enter the body of the email

• Click SEND

• Report is attached to the email received and you are done!

Attach Supporting Documentation to Transactions

• Attaching documents to transactions is super easy

• Lifesaving, when you are questioned about transactions after a significant amount of time, has passed

• For example, there are multiple accounts out of balance and you spend a significant amount of time and energy not to mention spreadsheets to balance the accounts.

• When you make the journal entries to balance the accounts, attach the spreadsheet(s) or any other documentation to the actual entry so that it’s easy to pull when it’s audit time or proof of entries is needed.

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