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Consultants Corner: Performance Management in Manufacturing

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Mar 5

Rhonda Rush

Manufacturing processes play a crucial role in our society, driving economic growth and providing essential products for countless industries. However, in order to ensure safety and maintain high levels of productivity, it is imperative to adopt a proactive approach towards performance evaluation. This blog explores the significance of ongoing reviews in the manufacturing environment, emphasizing the need to prioritize regular assessments over traditional annual reviews. With the advanced capabilities of Scissortail HCM, businesses can streamline their review processes and focus on departmental or job-specific competencies, enhancing employee development and organizational success.

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If you know me, you know I’m a proponent of setting aside the annual review process for the ongoing review. Especially in a manufacturing environment.

Why is manufacturing important? The physical dangers on the plant floor are such that a weekly or monthly correction is better than waiting for an accident or an annual scolding for non compliance.

With Scissortail HCM powered by UKG ready, users can setup Review Profiles with Sub-reviews (set to your custom cadence) focused on departmental or job focused competencies giving you the ability for the employee, supervisor and managers to be able to score performance from any device; computer, tablet or even mobile phone. These reviews are automated and kickoff after the previous review has been finalized.

If the physical considerations of the plant floor don’t apply to your organization, think about the financial impact of your accounts receivable department and the impact of an AR clerk that’s not invoicing clients within your organization’s set standards. The ongoing review allows you to catch slipping standards before they get so far behind that the results get on the radar of the C-Suite and other investors. 

Whatever your application, the ScissortailHCM Performance Review feature is one that can work the way you work or can be applied as creatively as your most creative vision.

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