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Can Acumatica Really Process Customer Credit Card Payments?

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August 22, 2019

Dana Zodrow

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With Acumatica, your company can collect information about customer credit cards and update the information as needed.  Of course, you must be contracted with a credit card merchant to utilize this service. Customer’s information is immediately encrypted to avoid misuse of credit card information and remain PCI compliant.  Use the following steps to add credit card information to a customer account:

  1. From the receivables screen, choose Customers.  You can also search the customer name using the search bar at the top of the Acumatica screen.  
  2. Once the customer information/account page is open, click on the payment methods tab.
  3. Click Add Payment Method.
  4. Choose the appropriate payment method i.e. VISA, Mastercard, etc. (however they have been set up in your system).  Since we use our payment methods for both AR & AP, I have multiple payment methods setup – See example to the right.
  5. Once the Customer Payment Methods screen appears, use the Card Details choice to input the credit card information. Double click in the Card Number Value box to type the card number.
  6. Immediately after moving to the next field, the credit card type and number is transferred to the Card/Account No. box above only showing the last 4 numbers i.e. AMEX:****-****-****-3456
  7. Type the expiration date.
  8. Immediately after moving to the next field, the expiration date is transferred to the Expiration Date field above.
  9. Type the name on the card and tab to the next field.
  10. Type the security/card verification code.
payment method selection dialog in Acumatica

Once all the details are entered correctly, save and close the payment method. If the customer chooses to use the credit card as the default payment, check the box next to the corresponding credit card payment.

Once an invoice is created for a customer and payment is ready to be processed, follow the instructions below to capture the payment.

  1. From the receivables screen, choose New Payment.
  2. Enter or tab to the Application Date field, current date will auto populate, change if needed.
  3. Enter or tab to the Application Period, edit if necessary.
  4. Leave the Payment Ref: field blank.
  5. Choose the Customer. 
  6. Choose the Location.
  7. Choose the payment method (credit card payment method assigned to the customer).
  8. The Card/Account field will appear with the card’s information.
  9. Choose the cash account that will be receiving the payment.
  10. Update the Deposit After field if applicable.
  11. Enter Description.
  12. Enter Payment Amount.
  13. If applicable, apply payment to corresponding invoice.
  14. Click +
  15. Tab/Enter to Reference Number; Enter/search invoice number.
  16. Verify Amount Paid and other fields.
  17. When ready to capture credit card payment, remove “On Hold” status so payment shows “Balanced”.
  18. Click Actions at the top of the record.
  19. Click Capture CC Payment.
  20. Once the payment has been processed, the Payment Ref field will populate with the confirmation/tracking number or a failed message will appear.
  21. Click Release to post payment to invoice/account.
Payment method details dialog in Acumatica

Voila, your payment is processed without any extra hardware, journal entries, and with ease. For other tips and tricks just like this, visit our videos page to see our other Acumatica tutorials.

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