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Software or Service? Well Both Actually

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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You don’t need another re-seller in your life. You want a partner.

So, while companies like ours are often described as “re-sellers,” we at CS3 don’t subscribe to that line of thinking. We do more than just re-sell software. During phone calls with clients, I try to make sure you are up to date on all the ways we can partner with you. Recently I heard the question, “You guys can do that?!” And that got me thinking… I wonder how many other clients aren’t aware of what we do and the level of partnership we offer?

To help you understand what being your business partner means, here are some examples:

Q: Will you work odd hours to help me through an emergency?
A: Yes, and we will stay with you until the issue is resolved and the crisis is over.

Q: Can you review our current processes and make suggestions on how we can improve?
A: Just because a process works, doesn’t mean it works well! If you want us to look at something that isn’t working as well as it should be, we’re happy to do that and provide feedback.

Q: What about custom training?
A: Absolutely. Whether you don’t know what you don’t know, or you have some specific areas you need us to review, we can tailor the training to your needs.

Q: I want to implement a new policy and need to bounce an idea off someone who knows HR laws.
A: Give us a call – we’ve got people for that too!

Q: Do you only sell the one product?
A: No. We have a large portfolio of HRMS/HCM software as well as ERP. Specialty products include not-for profit, project management, document management, requisition management, and many more products from UKG, formerly Kronos, Acumatica and Sage.

If you have questions that I haven’t thought of, please reach out to me and ask. You might be amazed at how much time, energy, and money you could save by investing 10 minutes into a phone call. Talk to you soon!

Sheri Blaho
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