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Alerting with KnowledgeSync

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Mar 18

Michelle Taylor

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It’s the end of the month and you’re running your sub-ledger and financial analytical reports.  In reviewing all the indicators and checkpoints, you notice some disturbing items.  You have time-sensitive stock that has expired --meaning you’re going to have to write it off.  Turnover looks high in your Purchasing department.  The Accounts Receivable totals are showing you that customers aren’t paying their bills.  You know you’re going to have to get out the fire extinguisher and take care of all of this.

But, what if you had an electronic assistant that could let you know proactively when actions need to be taken or issues addressed?  What if that errand boy could also automatically generate and deliver reports to your department heads, vendors and customers?  Oh! And, what if he could also route approvals for you in a workflow?

KnowledgeSync by Vineyardsoft is exactly that digital assistant and smoke detector.  Using a simple Wizard that walks you through creating events step by step and provided connectors to the Sage ERP and Sage HRMS data, you can quickly create and schedule Alerts, Reports, Dashboards (including graphs) and Workflows.

KnowledgeSync even GIVES you pre-configured Alerts in an EventPak.

example table of alert examples

Suddenly, you’re getting emails telling you that inventory stock is nearing its expiration date so you provide your customers discounts on it and don’t have to write it off.  You talk to every employee in the Purchasing department and find out their workload and lack of training are factors in the high turnover and you address it before more employees leave.  You see that one of your best customer’s purchase level has gone way down so you send your top salesman out there for a visit to find out what’s happening and save the client from leaving you.  

Alerts:  Triggers using data levels you preconfigure (total balance, number of days, etc.)

example inventory spreadsheet

Reports: Customer statements and invoices, Vendor purchase orders, Departmental Budget to Actual, Salesperson totals and expiring quotes.  Reports can be attached to alerts to provide more detailed analysis.

Dashboard Alert Graphs:

Sage ERP A/R Chart - overdue total sales per rep

The possibilities are endless.  If you know the data is there in your Sage ERP or Sage HRMS system, it can be used in KnowledgeSync.  If you also utilize some outside system, it can be included.  

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