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Acumatica and Odata - What it is and Why it Matters

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Aug 25

Shawn Slavin

CS3 Technology

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When working with automated systems, one tool cannot do everything. Trying to do so would be unwieldy and so narrowly focused as to render it useless
to all but a small number of users. This means that systems must have ways to work together; to exchange information in meaningful ways. OData provides
a standard to allow web-based applications to share information in an efficient manner.

 OData is an open standard developed my Microsoft in 2014 to allow resources to be published by web clients. OData is based upon a data access protocol
known as REST. For the non-technical, the Acronyms used in programming and data interchange definitions are bewildering. Be that as it may, it is important
to know a few things:

  •  OData is an open standard. This means that even though it was created by particular company, it is open for free public consumption and use,

  •  OData provides a way to efficiently exchange data between applications and tools without extensive custom development,

  •  OData opens information for consumption that allows its use in systems integration, data querying, information analysis, and custom reporting.

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