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A New Millennial in the Workforce Series: To Do, or Not To Do

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Feb 18

Joshua Blaho

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Our newest employee at CS3, Joshua Blaho, is a millennial new to the world of desk jobs, so we asked him to write a weekly blog series about his experience.

Week 3: To do, or not to do; that is the difference.

After 2 months as CS3’s administration assistant, I see similarities between both my service industry jobs and the business surrounding my new desk.
However, I have realized one very interesting and immense difference, which is the work ethic of my co-workers. The swarm of millennials that consume
the service industry presents an interesting work environment. Being a millennial myself, I enjoy working primarily with peers, yet the vast majority
of them have a more diminutive work ethic.

I have seen a server look at their completed order, turn around, and walk away empty handed to go andcomplain to another server saying, “I’m
not making any money.” This presents a small example of what I have seen. They were raised in an era of rewards for no effort and instant gratification.
A horrible combination that many in my generation suffer. Not all millennials abide by these traits. The select few of this caliber gravitate toward
the service industry. I feel the malleable hours, ease of work environment, and instant pay appeal to them.

However, being with CS3 changes my entire viewpoint. Depending on your perspective, I'm one of few millennials at our office. The flow of work here
never stops. These baby boomers and Gen X’ers always seem to be working. They do it for the benefit of themselves and the company. I hate to say that’s
a rare quality in restaurants. I have always been a hard worker, yet here I aspire to do more. The efforts of my co-workers push me to be the best
that I can more here than anywhere else I have worked.

Intentional improvement is beneficial for my own growth and my company’s growth. They place a large emphasis on employee growth here. The more I learn
the more I grow, and knowledge is power. CS3 is making me a more powerful tool for their arsenal and my own future.

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