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A New Millennial in the Workforce Series: All in Favor Say Aye

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March 3, 2017

Joshua Blaho

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Our newest employee at CS3, Joshua Blaho, is a millennial new to the world of desk jobs, so we asked him to write a weekly blog series about his experience.

Week 7: All in Favor Say Aye

We just recently had our company retreat, during which all the remote employees flew into Tulsa. There was a lot of great information and conversation.
I learned a lot about CS3 and more about how our company operates. The most surprising thing I noticed was the democratic forum that took place.

I have only worked in an industry where communism is the primary form of office politics. Everyone works as a whole for the wealth of the state. After
the retreat, I realized that is not my current situation anymore.

As I sat there, it occurred to me that CS3 is completely different. Gary, Shawn, Bruno, or anyone else who spoke would end with opening the floor for
questions or comments. We could express our thoughts or concerns, which could ultimately change a detail about their topic of conversation. Being part
of an organization that cares about their employees as much as their clients makes me extremely excited. I can see even better how CS3 is able to provide
their services at the level they do.

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