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A New Millennial in the Workforce Series: A Newer Millennial

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March 24, 2017

Joshua Blaho

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Week 8: A Newer Millennial

It’s great to have three millennials in the office now. Our newest member of the CS3 team, Juston, messaged me on Skype. He asked if I used the IM option. Surely enough, I do. It makes work flow much easier - especially if you need to have a brief conversation with remote employees.

This just reinforced my understanding of millennials. We grew up alongside the technological advancements. He reached out to me to confirm I use the same tech. He said to me, “This is longest I’ve gone without using an IM [in an office].”‍

Some might ask millennials, “Why are you constantly on your phone?” Well, the answer to that isn’t quite so simple because personally, I read books, read the news, Facebook, text, play games, and Google random thoughts or ideas. These are a few examples of how I use my phone. Oddly enough, those asking this question most likely do the same.

It all goes back to what we think of as the simplest way to communicate. Millennials will gravitate towards instant messaging - what we view as the easiest, informal way to get messages across.

Our newest employee at CS3, Joshua Blaho, is a millennial new to the world of desk jobs, so we asked him to write a weekly blog series about his experience.  

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