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7 Reasons to Use HR Actions Instead of Paper Forms

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Feb 18

Brandi Clymer

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I recently did a CS3 SmartTalks webinar on HR Actions and it made me take a step back and think about a lot of things. Most of all: why would I use HR Actions instead of paper forms? Here are my top reasons for using HR Actions instead of a paper form:

  1. On a paper form the person filling it out can just skip fields that might be really important.  HR Actions allows you to mark the required fields that you want the form user to populate.
  2. On a paper form the person that fills it out can just put anything in the boxes. HR Actions give the form user a customized drop down list of items for them to select from.
  3. On a paper form if the person filling it out has questions about who needs to approve it, they will probably have to call around to find out where to send it next. HR Actions shows the forms routing at the bottom of the form based on the forms requirements and any business rules you setup in the system.
  4. Once someone starts filling out a form, you don’t know how long it is in the ‘paper’ shuffle before it finally makes it to the HR/PR department. It could have gotten side tracked many places along the way and stuck on a desk of someone on vacation. HR Actions allow the form initiator, anyone approving the form, and the HR/PR team to see where form is at, if it is stuck, and allows the HR/PR team to help a form along if it does get stuck somewhere.
  5. A paper form has to be entered into the HR/PR system. HR Actions is just a click of the ‘Save’ icon to save it into Sage HRMS or Abra Suite.
  6. The data keyed into the HR/PR system could have typos done. HR Actions is keying in by the form initiator, and the HR/PR team can ‘audit’ the form to make any corrections they find.
  7. Once the form is entered into the HR/PR system, the next step is usually filing the paper. Later when you need to find it you have to go to the paper files and find it.
  8. HR Actions is your ‘online file cabinet.’ Imagine if all of your personnel related forms went through HR Actions - you would be able to retrieve items online instead of going to the file cabinet.

That’s my list. Let me know if you have other reasons you can think of that HR Actions is better than a paper form.

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