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5 Must-Have Payroll Processing Features in Scissortail HCM

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March 7, 2023

Robyn Hollas

A good payroll processing system should have search, customizable reporting, employees not paid report, on demand W2s, and W2-C correction. These features save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Scissortail does all these well!

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Top 5 Favorite Features in Scissortail

1. Search Bar – The search option allows you to search keywords instead of spending time hunting for what is needed.

2. Reporting - Being able to customize and save any report is a game changer!

3. Employees Not Paid Report – Often in payroll processing, we figure out too late when an employee is missing a paycheck.  This report takes the guesswork out of it before you are done with payroll.

4. On Demand W2s – With tax time in full swing, it is very simple to log into your employee account and retrieve a W2 for any year required.  

5. W2-C – Correcting a W2 is easier than ever this year with new updates. 

What’s New at Work

When I began working with CS3 in November, it was my first time working from home.  I enjoy the ability to focus on training and customers with only the occasional disruptions from my four legged office mates.

What’s New Outside of Work

I have two perfectly imperfect teenagers.  My daughter is in cosmetology school with a finish date in November.  My son is halfway done with his sophomore year in high school.  He has found his love of all thing’s audio visual in the school district's Sports Media program.  I completed the NYC marathon in November and the Dopey Challenge in January.  The Dopey Challenge is four days of running races (5k, 10k, half marathon 13.1 miles and a full marathon 26.2) in Walt Disney World in Florida.

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