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18 Service Pillars - #4 Engage in Knowledge Transfer

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Feb 3

Gary Crouch

CS3 Technology

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Engage in Knowledge Transfer – Knowledge transfer has occurred when your self-sufficient in their day-to-day operations. Multiple methods are employed including education, mentoring, hands-on experience, and interactions to insure success.


The world has passed the Industrial Age and is currently engulfed by the Knowledge Revolution.  Achievement in the form of increased productivity, innovation and the accumulation of wealth are all dependent on the process of increasingly utilizing available knowledge.  Our value as an organization, and even as individuals pursuing careers, is dependent on the application of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated.  When shared with another who will benefit from this knowledge, an increase in value should occur for each.  The provider should receive compensation for sharing, and the receiver may use the knowledge to create increase, be more effective or achieve some other derived benefit.


Interestingly, the sharing of knowledge does not result in a reduction in the provider’s resources.  The provider is often free to share the same knowledge with their next customer, and the next.  Of course, once the information becomes“common” knowledge, we maintain our value by seeking new knowledge and expertise.  Thus, the need to continually invest in education throughout our professional and personal lives.


The team at CS3 strives to share their knowledge with their customers to the extent the customer will benefit.  Some knowledge may have little impact due to timing or subject matter. For instance, a process which only occurs annually may be better performed by CS3 rather than the customer receiving training on processes used so infrequently it is forgotten before it is needed again.  We understand each customer is different and work with each to determine the “best use” of knowledge in their unique situation.  Share to grow.


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