Updating Annual Maximums in Sage HRMS

January 13, 2020

The first thing to know is there are 2 (possibly 3) places to update the annual maximum for each deduction that will change this year.  

Please remember these new maximums are for the 2020 calendar year.  Therefore, you will need to enter these changes after the final payroll of 2019 but before the first payroll of 2020.

  Let’s update the Deduction

  1. Got o Setup > Payroll >(Earnings/Deductions/Taxes) Earning Deduction Codes
  2.  Click on the Looking glass
  3.  Find/select the deductions that need to be updated.
  4. Go to the Employee Tab
  5. Change the Annual Maximum to the 2020 Maximum ($19,500)
  6.  Click SAVE
  7.  Repeat for each changing deduction            

  Some of you have set Common Deduction Limits - these need to be changed as well

** Common Deduction Limits are designed to be used in situations where an employee might have multiple deductions that should be based on a single limit.

  1. Go to Setup > Payroll >(Earnings/Deductions/Taxes) Earning Deduction Codes
  2. Select Common Deduction Limits
  3. Using the Looking glass
  4. Find/select the deductions that need to be updated.
  5. Enter the new Employee and Employer Maximum


   Finally, we need to update the limit on each employee record

**You should back up the database before processing any Mass Update

  1. Go to Payroll> (Tasks) Update Earnings/Deductions
  2. Click on the Looking Glass
  3. Find/select the deductions that need to be updated.
  4. Scroll Down the list to Employee Annual Maximum (you will also need to do this step for the Employer Annual Maximum.)

                          i.     Type of Change = Replace

                         ii.     Match Current Value = No

                         iii.     New Value of Change  = 19,500

                         iv.     Click Update

                         v.     You will get a message stating that XX employees have been successfully updated.

                         vi.     Click OK

                        vii.     Click YES when asked if you want to print the Audit Report

5.  Spot check some employees to ensure the changes have been made.

                         i.     Go to Employee> View Edit Employee

                        ii.     Select Payroll > Employee Payroll > Pay Tab

                        iii.     Open the deduction

                                     a. Highlight deduction

                                     b. Click F9

                                     c. Go to Min/Max Tab

                                     d. Check for new Max amount

And that’s all there is for another easy solution to something that will have a big impact on your end of year and beginning payroll changes.  


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