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Streamline Your HR Information with Scissortail HCM

April 14, 2017


"If you're like most HR professionals, you got into this line of work to make a difference in your employee's lives, not to spend your days doing paperwork. However, most days, you end up getting stuck doing the routine administration of day to day HR operations. It can take up the majority of your available time and energy. You know that you need some level of data management and automation, but how much, and where is it going to have the most impact? Where should you spend your precious budget dollars? Before you can decide which tools are the right tools, you'll need to do some homework. Start by taking a self-assessment. Then sit down with your other team members, and maybe even some front line managers or survey your staff to determine the answers to things like: how easy is it to find the information you need when you need it? Are there changes needed in the way you collect time or track time off? How easily can you respond to audit requests? Is the room for improvement in how you communicate company information to employees managers? Clearly defined HR needs and processes will help facilitate your software selection process. This will ultimately allow you to devote more time to your most important duties:employee relations, fostering a good work environment and providing employees with training and career opportunities."

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