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SmartTalks - 3 Game-changing Tools for your Business

March 1, 2023

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and tools is crucial for businesses. Digital transformation is a hot topic that is taking the industry by storm. In this video, we explore three of the most technically advanced methods to provide powerful business insights. For this month's SmartTalks, Nomerel's CEO, Mark Rush, discusses the most important tools and these technology trends: 

  1. Zero-Trust Security enhances access by requiring dual-authentication.
  2. Virtual Desktop with cloud-based application storage
  3. Artificial Intelligence uses data mining to learn enabling predictive capabilities.

What is Digital Transformation?

The concept of digital transformation is a significant change within an organization and the technical tools that it uses. This enables them to take advantage of emerging digital technologies and platforms. That, in turn, helps to improve their overall operations.  demands.This results in an improved customer experience, greater efficiency, and more agility in responding to market

Digital transformation can help businesses gain valuable insight into their operations and uncover new opportunities for growth. Companies can use this knowledge to make faster decisions, reduce costs, and create more value for customers. Ultimately, these changes will result in a business’s ability to compete and ability to earn higher profits.

Zero-Trust Security

Firstly, Zero-Trust Security enhances the user's access experience by using dual-authentication. It works on the assumption that whoever enters the system is not "known." 

Dual-authentication is a security measure that requires two different methods of authentication to verify the identity of a user. Examples of dual-authentication include: 

  1. Two-factor authentication, which requires both a password and a security code sent to a mobile device
  2. Biometric authentication, which requires both a fingerprint scan and face recognition
  3. Knowledge-based authentication, which requires both answering security questions and providing personal information.

It may be frustrating for staff members as they need to authenticate more frequently. But, this ensures that data is safe from unauthorized access with a Cloud-Based Infrastructure.

What is Cloud-Based Infrastructure?

Cloud-based infrastructure provides businesses with extended scalability and performance capabilities. It provides on-demand resources that can be scaled up quickly as needed. This allows companies to respond faster to customer demands. That, in turn, reduces IT expenses and makes more informed decisions due to the availability of data in a cloud environment. 

Cloud-based infrastructure also enables businesses to have access to a wider range of applications across multiple devices (i.e. file sharing and collaboration tools). As it is hosted on the cloud, businesses don't need expensive hardware or software updates. This helps them save more money and be more efficient with their operations.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops can be a powerful strategy for business. Virtual desktops don't run any applications on your device. Instead, all your applications, including desktop, reside in the cloud. With all the computing power and storage happening in the cloud desktop, local computers can become "thin." 

All the user needs is a browser that has access to the cloud desktop. This helps reduce hardware costs significantly and enables businesses to scale quickly without having to invest in expensive infrastructure. Virtual desktops offer enhanced security as all data is stored on the cloud. Which is a huge improvement over local machines that can be vulnerable to security breaches. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lastly, Artificial Intelligence uses smart predictive capabilities, relying heavily on data mining, to familiarize itself with your daily activities. Iot, the Internet of things, is a device that enhances and exchanges useful information in real-time. A few examples include 

  • Door access that tracks entry and exit into company premises
  • Devices that take routine soil samples to determine the perfect state for highest yields, especially for farmers
  • Smart Home Assistants, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Connected Medical Devices, such as portable health monitors
  • Facial Recognition Technologies, such as surveillance cameras with AI capabilities

Digital transformation is a game-changer for businesses, providing access to advanced tools and expert insights that can help drive success. It can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and improve efficiency and customer experiences. Digital transformation is key to unlocking a brighter future for any business.

By incorporating the latest technological advancements, businesses can harness their full potential and drive growth for years to come. With the help of industry experts and innovative solutions, anything is possible. So what are you waiting for? Start your digital transformation journey today!

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