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Sage Cyber Recruiter Overview

November 24, 2014

Let’s begin with the problem we solve with the specifics of this product and why you would want to utilize a product such as cyber recruiter. The goal of technology is to make our lives easier by automating routine tasks and organizing data in a meaningful, useful way. The recruiting function, with its many administrative tasks and large volumes of data, can benefit significantly from the application of technology. Cyber recruiter is the ideal solution to help recruiting departments reduce workload on staff while ensuring vital details are not overlooked. This will also help your recruiting department organize, develop, store, and walk their job requisition and applicant data through a time-saving workflow or process. Let’s begin with a quick walkthrough of the product itself.

Initially, as you can see here cyber recruiter is a web-based product that allows you to deploy this to several different areas in your organization utilizing only a browser. This means that cyber recruiter can be accessed and utilized via a desktop, a laptop, or even mobile devices today such as tablets and smartphones. In addition to the ease of access, cyber recruiter will also send real-time alerts to various groups, organizations, or subscribers within the workflow of your processes. This means that people don’t have to be actually signed into the software to take care of the benefits or even make decisions. It’s going to drive people into the software with real time, up to date information.

As you can see from the screen, once a user (whether this is a manager or head recruiter) enters into the system, it also reminds them of different action items that they might need for approval. It’s going to direct them into some information and numbers that they can see what is exactly going on with their system.

Cyber recruiter is going to be able to manage all your different job requisition processes as well as all your applicant data information in the system as well. It will streamline that particular workflow around both of those processes. It is also going to give you valuable reporting structures to see what has occurred with that data, and to be able to real time analysis on what is going on within your organization. It has a powerful dashboard tool that will enable you to see it in real time. You can customize your dashboard to what you are looking for within your applicant or job requisition data. This all connects directly into Sage HRMS to help with the onboarding of the prospects.

Let’s begin with a few demonstrations of each one of those workflows. Let’s start with “Requisitions” > “Create Requisition” to create a job requisition based on your HRMS related data. You can “Create from Job List” which is predetermined and brings up your particular job codes and descriptions. It provides value by updating different locations and departments that may already be part of your HRMS related system. It walks you through the entire hiring workflow of what needs to be accomplished for each particular position including filling out the next job code, and walking through the process of approvals of actual acceptance. It streamlines your overall work required duties.

It also gives you an approval look related process that can be included with a real time alert email to notify people within your organization. Conversely, all applicant related information is going to be stored within the job requisition and allows a portal for the applicants to actually apply and walk through your specific applicant workflow. You can search for these applicants by clicking “Applicants” > “Find Applicant” and look through any date range of all applicants in the system. It allows you to walk through, choose a particular applicant you would like to view, and all the related information including files they’ve uploaded like their resume and what jobs they’ve applied for. It's going to streamline both sides of your particular workflow within your organization.

There are report structures inside the system that allows you to take different applicant reports, requisition reports, or even create your own through a report writing tool that we supply within the system. You can export the data if you need to make some extra calculations. We also have the ability to take this job requisition data or applicant profile to interact with job boards that may be part of the system as well. There are different job boards like Career Builder, Facebook, Hot Jobs, Monster, and Dice.

Once the applicant is ready to be on boarded into the system, you can easily transfer all this information directly into your Sage HRMS. There is no need for duplicate data entry, entering demographics, skills, or any other subsets that you might want to track within your HRMS.

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter efficiently on boards the entire applicant profile. It is a powerful tool to automate an organized key job requisition and applicant data while assisting the recruiting department with automating a defined process to fit your specific needs.

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