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Pennies Matter – Precise Pay Rates for Accurate Payroll

August 7, 2018

Scissortail’s ability to deal with complicated employee pay rates makes tracking pay rate to use for payroll easy. Employees have their base rate of pay but for many companies there are special circumstances when they need to pay something special or extra. Today we will talk about some examples of those special circumstances like: shift differentials, special rates for working different jobs, and piece rates. Let’s start off looking at special pay for different jobs. I am logged in as my system admin, Kathy Watts. I have pulled up an example of an employee that gets a different rate of pay when he works as a welder and another rate when he works as a welder on the weekend. Here I can see his clocked time and on Monday and Saturday he worked a welder. Let’s look at his Calc Detail and see the rates of pay applied to him. I can see his normal rate of pay is $12.02, but when he works on a weekday as welder he gets $15, and on the weekend, he gets $20. He would still get overtime differentials in addition to those rates. If this is a company policy for welders, I could set the rate table up as a Global Rate table where it could apply to all or most of my company. For today’s example I made it a Personal Rate table on a specific employee. Let’s look at my employee Mitch Conner and right under his Base Compensation I can see his rate table and if I look at the details I can see the different rates of pay he gets. My more specific items go to the top his default rate of pay is the last item on the list. Next let’s look at an example with shift differentials. Shift Differentials are a perfect example to use for a Global Rate table. Let’s use the hamburger menu icon and go to My Employees Employee Maintenance Rates Rate Tables and look at my Shift Differential example. You’ll notice it looks the same as the personal rate table, but is just globally applied. I can see I have 2 items so that when someone works Shift 2 they get $.50 and Shift 3 gets $1. I also have something in for a location specific Shift Differential where they get $.75 or $1.50 for the differentials. I have setup special rates for Piecework. In my Earning Code setup, I can also tie a rate table to a specific Earning Code if I needed.Those are a few examples of how you can simply employee payrates. Having a system that is makes a complicated thing like pay rates easy like Scissortail HCM does makes the hard work in payroll easier.

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