HRMS Selection Lists - Filtering Your Data

December 5, 2015

The employee selection list allows you to create groups of employees. Many employee-related Sage HRMS Payroll windows will allow you to select which employees to include any process, task, or report. After you create a selection list, you can use it on any Sage HRMS Payroll window that has a selection list field. Selection Lists can be used for the following: calculate payroll, assign earn deed to employee, assign tax to employees, update earn deed for all employees, update tax for all employees, and also printing reports.

Go to “Payroll” and underneath the “Task” column we will choose “Employee Selection.” The first thing we will do is select the code up to eight characters long, the description up to sixty characters long, then tab down to the employee box. There are several ways that you can add employees to a selection list. One is manually and two is automatically. You have several options below with the “Copy” “Criteria” and “Combine” buttons for automatically adding employees. “Copy” lets you copy all the employees from an existing selection list to the list that you are now creating. “Criteria” lets you specify a broad range of criteria by which to select employees for your list. “Combine” lets you choose employees from two existing selection lists when creating a new list.

Right now, we will manually select several people using the employee find and select the employee you want. Tab down or hit your insert key button to get to the next line and select another employee. Now, we have two employees in our selection list. As you can see now, the “copy, criteria, combine” buttons have greyed out and you can no longer use them. The reason for that is once you put one employee into this new selection, you will not be able to use any of the automatic buttons that are supplied.

We will now hit “Add” and we have now created an employee selection list. One example of a place that you could use this is if you go to “Payroll” > “Process Payroll” > “Calculate Payroll” you now have a selection list that you could choose from under that field. You can choose the list you just made, hit “select” and only those two people who are in those selection lists will calculate on this payroll.

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