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Geo-Fencing and Geo-Sensing with Time Collection

September 16, 2019

Scissortail is flexible and you can allow employees can clock in using clocks, web punch, or mobile punching with their smart phones. If you allow mobile punching, you get toallow them to punch from anywhere and with geo-sensing and geo-fencing you can see different controls on where they can punch.

Geo-fencing - with mobile clocking you can restrict the locations an employee can clock in from. If configured, a administrator can restrict employees from clocking in from outside the radius of a defined location, such as a cost center, down to a tenth of a mile.  You will get an error if you try to punch on mobile are geo-fenced to a location you are not at.

If you don't Geo-fence because your employees move around, another option is to Store the Location of the Punch. You will be able to see the location of the punch on a map.  

You can set different rules for different employee groups.

  • If you have retail employees, you may want to setup mobile punching and turn on geo-fencing, so they have to be onsite. They could then assign each store its own cost center, so that even if an employee was sent to a different store than usual to work, they would be able to simply switch cost centers and punch in at that location. 
  • If you had salespeople and wanted them to clock from anywhere, you would not turn on geo-fencing, instead you would just store the location of their punch and allow both mobile or web punching.
  • If you have office workers, you may let them use a web or mobile to punch but enforce that want to be at your location you can geo-fence them to limit that they have to be on your network to punch.
  • For manufacturing floor employees, you may want to stick with clocks using bio-metric or proximity badges.

 Scissortail give you many options on capturing employee time and makes it easy to handle all these employee types and their different rules.

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