Scissortail HCM

Adding Dashboard Widgets to Scissortail HCM

December 6, 2020

This video is to demonstrate how to create new widgets for your home screen in Scissortail.

I have logged into Scissortail as Kathy Watts who is the company administrator for my demo company. Kathy is looking to create a Headcount chart for her home screen.  Let’s see what to do to get that accomplished.

Once logged into Scissortail, you will need to navigate to the Hamburger Menu > Team Menu > HR > Reports > Turnover >Turn Over Rates Summary

  1.  Change your Report Mode to view Charts & Data.
  2.  Add a Chart – Actual Headcount
  3.  Chart Type: Vertical Bar Graph
  4. Category: Date From
  5. Group By: Month
  6. Metric: Actual Headcount
  7. Value Calculation: Avg
  8. Chart Display: Category Title, Metric Title, Data Labels
  9. Title: Actual Headcount > Click on the Save button. > Navigate to your Report Actions icon and click on the Save View As button.
  10. Name: Turnover Rates
  11. Set as Default
  12. Share with All
  13. Set as Default for All

Now that you have the report saved, go back to your home screen by clicking the Scissortail Logo in the top left of the screen.

Let’s add the report as a tile to our home screen.  

  1. Click on Add in the top right corner of your home screen
  2. Select Reports and Charts
  3. Turn on Other’s Settings
  4. Check the box to select the tile for the report you want to add

You can even rearrange the tiles by clicking on the ellipses(…) at the top right of the home screen

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