Sage 500 ERP

Large Business Management Software that enables you to deliver stronger, fact-based decisions. Maximize your profitability and improve efficiency.


No software system operates in a vacuum.  Businesses often have software targeted to drive crucial components of their business, such as Point of Sale, Field Service or Restaurant Management.  Integrating these operational tools into Sage's award winning Sage 500 Financial and Payroll tools will allow you to maximize your overall profitability across each major business function within your organization.


It is not just about electronic filing any more. In order to be competitive, you must eliminate inefficiencies and improve work flow across all of your business processes.  Sage 500 offers the tools to capture documents in a variety of ways so that you can then process and store them efficiently. Dynamically route documents for review and approval to the right people at the right time.

  • Capture documents internally and externally
  • Improve workflow processes that provide control and approval of documents
  • Route, capture, transform and deliver printed and digital documents


Don't let spending ever get away from budgeting ever again. Sage 500 Cash Management allows you to manage expenditures inside your organization across three vital areas:  Annual Budget, ongoing Requisition Management and Purchase Order Processing. Provide managers with the ability to immediately assess the impact of a contract, purchase order or invoice on their overall budget, ensuring that together you are managing the spend. 


Accelerate collections and reduce the days that sales remain outstanding. The Sage 500 Accounts Receivable module quickly and easily accumulates and presents the information you need for effective cash management. Powerful, yet simple to use, Accounts Receivable has streamlined and flexible cash management capabilities with multiple key reports. Accounts Receivable tracks receivables, plans cash flow, and provides extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future. The powerful invoicing function allows you to prepare invoices and billings from within the system and automatically prepares customer statements on demand.

Streamline how you manage your customers who maintain corporate and branch accounts by utilizing Sage 500's powerful National Accounts features. Efficiently track and bill the parent company for goods and services you sell and provide to their branches — while still keeping a unique customer account for each entity.


Streamline your existing vendor payment workflow while ensuring stringent approval processes.  Sage 500 Accounts Payables module will allow you to maintain flexible payment and expense allocations while monitoring your cash flow. Track outstanding invoice payments, available discounts, due dates, and cash requirements. Automate the receiving of invoices from your suppliers and sub-contractors in order to ensure their timely and accurate payment. Improve your vendor partnerships by ensuring quality, integrity and efficiency in every process.


The best way for a company to increase competitiveness is to invest in and retain your most valuable assets - your employees.  The Sage 500 Payroll module provides a centralized database with up-to-date information about current and former provide a single source for flawless payroll processing, employee administration, registration, analysis, employee life-cycle management, and all other crucial employee-related processes. The result? A system that allows you to manage your team efficiently and reliably.


Sage 500's General Ledger module supports multiple entities, multiple books for different accounting treatments, multiple currencies, and robust allocations—all optimized for real-time, high performance and maximum efficiency.  In addition to the standard General Ledger reports, you have the ability to create financial statements such as Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet,  and Trend reports. All financial reports are created and modified through an easy-to-use wizard that allow you to select your own formatting options for reports that meet your specific business needs.


The right information... when you need it! That is the pinnacle of all business software solutions.   Business intelligence can bring visibility into the organization at both summary and granular levels, helping to link all aspects of the business together.  Sage 500 provides many methods to access data – pick the one that make the most sense for the task at hand.


Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. Perhaps it is a prospect that requires follow-up, a contract that is about to expire, or a pricing error. Sage Alerts and Workflow is here to help monitor the health of your business data. It provides users of Sage and other SQL-based products valuable exception management alerts, allowing you to respond to conditions that fall outside of your organization’s standard workflow process. Avoid issues and manage exceptions. No more need to say, “If only we had known.”

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