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Sheri's Top 5 Features of Scissortail

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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My Favorite Scissortail Features:

I would like to share my perspective of Scissortail HCM as an employee, rather than as payroll or HR team member. As an operational manager, I also need to find and update information related to my direct reports.

  1. All employees can have the ability to manage the accounts where their payroll will be deposited. I am able to add or remove a checking or savings account as I make banking changes. Additionally, I can adjust the amount sent to each of those accounts, and can make adjusts at any time.
  2. Being able to pull a copy of my W-2 for any prior years is really handy. When I completed my Federal taxes this year, I could not find my W-2. It was 8 pm on a Saturday. But I was able to log into Scissortail and pull my own copy....immediately!
  3. Also, as an employee, I can pull a copy of my check stubs at any time, for any pay period. If I am at the car dealership and want to process a loan, from my cell phone I can access a copy and email it to the finance manager...again....immediately! I love completing tasks so quickly.
  4. As a supervisor, my firm gave me the ability to add special pay for my team. Each month, after I calculated commissions, I put these entries in directly and attached the supporting document. I was always confident that the commissions were correct and on time. Payroll was happy because this task was completed for them!
  5. As a supervisor, I found the employee review process so helpful. First, I do not have to track down the paperwork. The required forms are part of Scissortail. Second, I can readily access all the prior years reviews because they attached to the employee master record.

What is Happening at the Office:

I have been with CS3 since 2004. Now it is time for me to retire. I moved to part-time July 1st. I have officially moved from the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing to Director of Marketing. I anticipate continuing in this role for a year or so before trying to step into full retirement. I love working for CS3 and am a bit hesitant to leave this great firm. They have such a big part of my career and my family's life as well.

What is Happening at Home:

As I already noted, I am enjoying a more leisurely life. I am able to work from home, which is our family lake property. I now get to work in the morning from the cabin and then get to fish or swim in the afternoon.

Additionally, I just had grandchild number three arrive and number has been announced. This may make it easier for me to move on in to retirement. It is a blast to go play with these babies.

Atticus John in the arms of his PawPaw
The view from my home office at the lake cabin.
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