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Our Favorite Payroll Report in Scissortail HCM - Check Totals

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Dec 7

Dana Zodrow

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Though many payroll reports are necessary when processing payroll, my favorite is the Check Totals reports.  The Check Totals report allows me to easily compare totals to the previous payroll to help identify any issues.  The fact that Scissortail allows the report to be downloaded in Excel makes the report even more valuable.  Once downloaded I can easily copy and paste amounts to a running spreadsheet comparing pay period amounts.  

Check Payroll Totals

  • Click on the Check Payroll Totals while processing the pay period
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right 
  • Click Export
  • Choose File Format (Excel if copy/paste)
  • Click Export
  • Copy and Paste amounts into “Totals” Spreadsheet
  • This allows you to compare amounts to previous pay period to show anomalies and correct if necessary

Check Payroll Totals Without Export

  • Each Deduction and Earning Record will be shown on the report
  • Click on the “paper” to the left of the deduction or earning you would like to view
  • A breakdown of who and amount will be populated
  • For example, you want to use which employees choose a certain medical plan
  • Click on the paper next to the deduction
  • Each employee enrolled in the particular medical plan will be listed as well as the employee and employer deduction amount
  • This report is helpful when providing upper management reports as well
  • Click on the paper next to Regular
  • Each employee with regular hours will be listed along with the number of regular hours for this particular pay period
  • Do the same for any other hours i.e. PTO, Bereavement, etc.
  • All taxes owed will also populate on this report, each tax entity listed separately
  • Simply click the paper next to any item needed to review
  • If payroll is particularly more costly for a certain pay period, this report is a great tool to use to prove the higher costs (especially when relaying the information to executive staff)
  • This report combined with the Payroll Register, Payroll Recap Funding, and Employees Not Paid make it easy to balance payroll as well as provide proof of accuracy.

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