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ERP Must Have: Dashboards, Inquiry, Single Point of Truth

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Feb 21

Ira Apt

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In my role as Client Account Manager or Client Success Manager, Acumatica is a great tool.  My job touches all disciplines for a client. An ERP system when used properly makes my role so much easier.


Number 5 – One version of the truth.  I could put this as number 1 but I’ll start here.  Everything to do my job is located in one system not multiple software packages, spreadsheets or files. Acumatica provides a 360-degree view of the entire business and a 360-dergreeview for each client.


Number 4 – Team approach to Sales and Service.  Opportunities and Cases are all available in the same system. Use Acumatica’s CRM to track customer histories from first contact to final delivery and more, including emails, quotes, sales history, problem issues, delivery, and service.


Number 3 – Dashboards.  I start my day checking my multiple dashboards that cover each of my job functions. Also the dashboard for each client that I have a scheduled call or opportunity. This gives a top-level view and includes my KPIs. Drill downs get the full picture or quick access to details.


Number 2 – Reporting and access to data. So many ways to answer questions and find details. There is always a quick export to excel but that seems like old school.


Number 1 – Side Panels. These were new to me this month and wow. Kind of like having multiple monitors but in sync. I have lists on the left side and access to detail on the right. Check this feature out and see if you agree.



 Everything, well for me at least.  I just passed my six-month anniversary and everyday is still an opportunity to learn something new.



 We welcomedgrandbaby # 7 on March 26th.   This is our Girl.

We are starting to settle into our new house. In January we moved into a home in the suburbs of Tulsa. We had lived in rural Oklahoma for 26 years and made the decision to downsize moving in closer to grandkids, Tough as it was to move into a neighborhood, we compromised with a backyard that overlooks a community pond rather than our neighbor’s backyard.


Sunrise in January in the new house.  Join me for a cup of coffee.

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