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Dashboards Keep You Up to Date in A Flash! Using Custom Dashboards to Your Advantage

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October 19, 2022

Rhonda Rush

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Do you have complicated HR processes, or do you just like to keep a close eye on things to ensure you don’t miss an important detail? 

This is an ideal situation to deploy and utilize a custom dashboard in your human resources management software, like Scissortail HCM.

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In a custom dashboard using our human capital management (HCM) software, you can compile reports and charts to help you manage any process at a glance. The dashboard keeps the items top of mind and everything you need can be found on one screen to make doing the job much easier and getting you off to the next task.

I also love how fast I can check the progress of an open job requisition. Just like the other Dashboard, the reports and charts shown on the Recruiting Dashboard quickly show if a job requisition is nearing the offer making stage or if interventions are needed to draw more qualified candidates to your job openings. Dashboards like this make workforce management so much easier and tidier to handle at every step of the talent management (or performance management, or time tracking process, or other) process. 

Open Enrollment is also another great example where dashboards really help us out. You can know who needs to be reminded and who has already submitted their applications without having to change screens multiple times like you may have to do using a default dashboard. 

It’s so nice to see a report of change requests immediately as well. Benefits administration through a solid human resources software, like Scissortail HCM, can be an effective way to save yourself time and energy on your core HR functions as well as improve employee engagement.

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Did you know that you can click on any part of a chart in this dashboard and you will be taken to a report of information that makes up that part of the chart or reports? This drill down function is so easy to use.

Here are some other helpful hints to start customizing your Dashboards in Scissortail HCM powered by UKG Ready (formerly Kronos):

  1. First, you need to turn on Edit Mode (step 1 in the figure below)

a. If you don’t see this toggle, it’s a security item. Contact your system administrator or and we will get that turned on for you.

  1. Click ADD in the body of the dashboard to select an option to add to your screen. (Step 2)
  2. (Step 3 below) Click the Moving Boxes icon to Rearrange the tiles in the dashboard window.
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If you need assistance to get the hr management software dashboard you want, send an email to As always, the CS3 HCM team is here to help with your HR software-related questions. Remember: Never suffer in silence!

For more on this and other Scissortail HCM capabilities, go to

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