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Data Protection: Acumatica Security Roles

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Dec 9

Cristi Womack

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Is software security a headache you would rather forget?  How about all the changes that have been needed to happen over the past year?  Would a “Role-based” security option be of benefit for you and your company?  Of course.  Acumatica offers roles to restrict access to the system. You can assign employees with one or multiple roles in order to do their job functions.   An employee can have one or many roles tied to them.  Security is something you need to keep track of because people leave and move positions. Say you have an employee that was processing accounts receivable items and has moved into an accounts payable position.  You probably do not want that same employee to have receivable and payable access to your data as a safeguard against fraud.  However, giving read-only access to one role and delete access to the other is perfectly fine.  If you use role-based security profiles it is much easier to change one from a read-only to delete and vice versus.  You want to make sure and review employee security access on a yearly basis if not quarterly.  There are times people move throughout a company and security is just piled on so they have too many roles that do not pertain to their job position anymore which can be a security issue.  It is really easy to remove and add roles to a user using Acumatica.  Acumatica offers many security features that can get very granular if needed but getting you starting out at a higher level, they have taken care of the most common roles in a business for you.  

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