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Acumatica 2019R1 Offers Colors on Inquiry Screen

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Dec 9

Cristi Womack

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Did you know Acumatica 2019R1 now offers CoLoRs on your generic inquiry screen? Are you tired of having to click through tabs to see what is won or lost on an opportunity?

How many times have you had to click on each tab to see the data you were looking for?  Well, the wait is over.  While the tab view is very helpful in the daily processing of items, sometimes you just need an overview of everything at once.  That is where the new color options (think of conditional formatting) on a generic inquiry would help.

Humans are visual creatures. To get an overview (a page at a time) I modified the Generic Inquiry for Opportunities to see which ones were won or lost then I went a little further and highlighted the dates that were prior to “today’s date”.  

The white rows are still open. While the green rows show the won opportunities and the red rows show the lost opportunities.  Talking about the step further above, I decided I wanted to see which estimated closed dates were prior to today’s date in order to help me see which open items we needed to work on first.  Any date within the open status that is highlighted red means those should have been won or lost by now.  

In order to accommodate the picture I had in my head, I went into the Generic Inquiry> Results grid> and under the Row Style section I input a little formula like the one below: 


This allows the line items to be color coded as red or green depending on the status.

I went a little further and wanted to see which open items would be considered “past due”, so I had it highlight anything prior to today’s date in red.  

While still on the results grid, I clicked in the style box of the line with the date I wanted to see, and I used the below formula: 

=IIf([CROpportunity.Status]<>'L' And [CROpportunity.Status]<> 'W', IIf([CROpportunity.CloseDate]<Today(),'bad','default'),'default')

This makes the dates show up red because they were expected to be either won or lost by that date.  This will help me know which items will need to be worked first or give to someone as a clean up so we can focus on the items that are current and could be a potential win instead of wasting time on older opportunities that have run their course and we won’t get back.  

The reason the won and lost lines do not have a highlighted date is because I specified I didn’t want those in my conditional format as those items are already closed.

This type of formatting can be done on any Generic Inquiry screen.  I just wanted to show how “this particular” screen would be helpful to management as an overview instead of the large white spreadsheet format they are used to seeing and having to filer or decipher on their own.  

While having tab views in Acumatica is helpful in the day to day world of what needs to be processed, sometimes you just want a large picture view of what is going on in your world.  That is where the new color formatting within an Acumatica Generic Inquiry screen comes to play.

Have fun playing around with colors.

Photo by Rajshri Bharath KS on Unsplash

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