Updating Benefit Rates in Sage HRMS

April 14, 2017

This tutorial takes you through benefit management of Sage HRMS step by step


"Hi, this is Holly Novak. The knowledge tip from CS3 today is how to update benefit rates in HRMS. This, of course, comes in really handy every year for open enrollment. Enjoy.

Once you have your rates from your carrier for the new year, you’re going to want to update your rate tables—but first, we need to make sure we have the right rate tables to update. So to do that, I’m going to go to setup, and then employees, insurance plans. And we’re going to take a look at our HMO plan today, so I’ll click the plus sign by there. Your coverage amount shouldn’t change, but under employee premium—now remember this is the amount that the employer pays to the carrier for employee only. So I’m going to change that—it’s going to go up a little bit to 615.

Under the dependent premium, we just have a rate table there called ‘med rate,’ so I need to make note of that so I can go update that rate table and the same thing for employee contribution. I’ll make note of this HMO rate table for that. The residents tab should stay the same for what we’re doing today. So I’m going to click ‘OK’ here. It’s gonna ask us for a history record so I’m just going to say ‘New Rate 2017’ here—for the reason for change. That is going to go through the system and update all of the employees for you. Sometimes, as you can see that takes a bit.

So once this finishes up. We’re going to go to our rate table setup and update those two rate tables. So we’re going to click down on ‘rule type’ and go to ‘benefit rate table setup.’ The first one that we’re going to adjust is ‘med rate.’ So once I’ve clicked in here, the column one and two should stay the same for you. Their rate table is where you need to update those rates. And so remember in the insurance plan we already updated the rate for employee-only—so that is zero here. So now we have employees plus spouse (spouseone child zero), and that rate is going to go up just a little bit to 487. The employee plus child is going to go up to 360; we’ll leave it pretty easy employee plus family is going to go up to 620. So once you have those rates updated, we’re going to click ‘OK.’ Remember ‘OK’ save and takes you out of the screen. And I’m going to click ‘NO’ here, because we’re going to update our benefit calculations in just a second after we update that second rate table.

Alright, so our next one is going to be our HMO contrib. So we’ll go here, and this is going to be your employee contribution. For employee contribution, everything is going up just a little bit. I’m going to change the employee-only to 135. The employee plus spouse is going to go up to 232. Employee plus child is going to go up to 205, and then employee plus family is going to go to 410. So once you have those rates updated, we’ll click ‘OK’ again, and that is going to ask us again if we want to update benefit file calculations. And we’re going to say yes to that. So that’s going to walk through all of our employees, and again, I’m going to say ‘New Rate 2017.’ It’s going to go through all of our employees and update those rates for us.

Once you have these rates updated, then of course—over on the payroll side—those will pull over into payroll when you run open payroll. We would always suggest too that you go ahead and test this with an employee. So as soon as this finishes, we’ll go ahead and give that test with one of our employees and make sure that those rates changed correctly. All right, great! So for the employees, we’ll go ahead and test that out. I’ll go into Clay Andrews, and check out his HMO plan. So now under his HMO—do the plus sign there—see his ‘Costs and Coverage.’ So, you can see the employee contribution went up to 410, and his dependent premium went down—I mean it went up to 620. Youll see he has to cover dependents here. So let’s check out somebody else just to make sure that they are good as well. So for Mr. Bear here, he doesn’t have any dependents, so you can see his total employee contribution per month is 135 just as we changed it. And the employee premium, which is the employer cost is 615. So that is how you update your rate tables for your new benefits for the new year."

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