Scissortail HCM

Start Widget Configuration in Scissortail HCM

April 14, 2017

Every time I show Scissortail HCM to a client, the first thing they comment on is how easy the system is to navigate. Today, I’m going to show you how to configure the start widget to fit your specific needs. In my example, I have several boxes across my home dashboard that display different menu items or shortcuts under each. When I want to update or configure these, I simply click on the “Settings” icon, and on the left you can see I can choose from as many as ten boxes to display on my home start widget.

For each of those boxes I can define up to ten items. If I want to personalize this, I can add a photograph, change the background color that fits my company branding, choose a different font color, a different mouse over color, and even change the size of the font. To add the links within the boxes, there is an option to set an external or internal link on the left-hand side. In this example, performance reviews would be in the system so I want to click on “Set Internal Link” then search for performance. Every item that comes up will have something to do with the performance review process.

I just simply select the one that I want to use as the shortcut and choose it for my employees. When I hit “Close” that’s the link that it will set to. If I want to do this for an external link, just type in the name of the link, copy the URL, add it in, and close. I continue this process until I have completed all of the new external and internal links that I want included in the boxes I have displayed. Once I’m happy with that, I hit save and then the Scissortail HCM logo to get me back to my dashboard to see the changes I have made to the start widget. It’s that easy to configure your custom navigation of the system.

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