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Scissortail Recruitment Email Templates

September 27, 2017

This video will show specifically how to create email templates specifically for the recruiting process


"This is Jessica Morency; the knowledge tip from CS3 today is creating communication templates in Scissortail HCM recruitment. Having communication templates in place with standardized messaging can managing your recruiting process that much easier.

To create a template, go to recruitment, configuration, and communication templates. Here you’ll see a list of all templates currently available. To create a new one, click on “New Template” in the top right, and give it a name, a description. Under recipients, it’s going to automatically go to the email address the applicants supplied, but you can also choose to have it copy other folks. So, it could be another hiring manager or recruiter, or a specific email address if you use an outside recruiting source.

Over on the right, we need to decide what email address we want to display that this is coming from. So I’m just going to use generic on the subject “Thank you for your application.” And then in the body of the email, we can choose to either free form type the message or (down at the bottom) we can also add some tags or information that’s coming from Scissortail HCM. So, I might want to include just their first name to personalize the communication a bit more. So we’ll say, “Thank you for your application; we will be in touch.” You, of course, can write more than that, but this is just for an example—“Sincerely HR.” You can add attachments, and you can even add iCalendar attachments if there’s a need for an appointment with this particular communication.

Once you hit save, it’s available to use as a one-off communication, or you can add it to the custom workflow for automation of a communication out to the applicants. So let’s take a look at where we’ll find this. If I come back out to my recruitment tab, under my applicants, let’s say I want to send a communication to Josh. I’m going to pull up my applicant, and then I can hit email and select my template. I can use this as-is, or I can modify as needed.

And it’s just that simple."

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