Sage HRMS OrgPlus Overview

May 26, 2016


"At key moments in the life of any business, you’re presented with opportunities to change or grow. These are great opportunities, but now you’re faced with some big decisions. The only way to act wisely is with a clear picture of your company’s makeup, and the trusty old org chart can’t give you the information you need about your employees to make a decision with confidence.

Sure, you’ve got an org chart, you’ve used this software or that software over the years to create and maintain it. And aside from the fact that it takes forever to manually update it whenever you make changes, and you finally outgrow it. It doesn’t tell you anything about your company. It only shows you reporting relationships. That’s it.

Paper or not, it’s not telling you anything about your employees. Do they have any hidden strengths, who are the real assets, who’s underutilized, who are the people behind those little org chart boxes. If you’retrying to make a decision that involves makeup of your team, you need to see everything about them. And you’d love to be able to test drive some potential scenarios. What happens if you do take advantage of this opportunity. What happens if you don’t. What will your business look like after you move all those blocks around. If you can’t make an informed decision at that fork in the road, you may as well be flipping a coin with your company’s future. If you could see all the people in your company and organize an org chart by any of their characteristics, you’d have the insight, you’d need to make better decisions.

That’s the reasoning behind Insperity OrgPlus. It’s a powerful data repository that lets you enter as much info about your team as you want to. And it lets you organize by any of those criteria, so you can identify your team by second languages, or software knowledge, or performance rating, or salary, or golf handicap. Anything you need to see to get a better picture of your strength. Once that data is in the system, OrgPlus can even show you hidden insights. It highlights trends you weren’t even aware of, that can help you make future decisions. Forget about a static org chart OrgPlus lets you test-drive all the permutations you can think of to see how a decision impacts your company before you make it. With this kind of insight into your organization, you’ll never miss an opportunity to grow.

Stop guessing who’s in your company and start making better decisions with OrgPlus!"

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