Sage HRMS HRActions Sneak Peek

February 11, 2015

HR Actions is one of the most powerful tools that integrates with Sage HRMS and Payroll. In this video, you’ll find out how you can empower your employees and managers to complete routine HR forms electronically and then route those forms through a form specific approval process. And then, have those forms update information right back into HRMS and Payroll with just the click of a button.

Sage HRMS HR Actions is the paperless workflow solution that will replace almost any employee related paper form to collect and save data directly to Sage HRMS or Abra Suite. You can view real time dashboards and see the status of every form being routed through the organization and control the flow of it. You can provide custom and pre-built web-based forms with approval sequences, audit trails, and business rules to your managers, employees, and HR administrators. You can also stop a form, skip an approver, or push it through the approval process. Sage HR Actions can automate a simple personnel change form, pay raise forms, new hire packets, and performance review forms.

You can give employees and managers access to forms through employee self-service where they can access it from a desktop, mobile device or centralized kiosk if they wish. Of course, it can be used with its own self-service portal if self-service is not part of your portfolio. It’s interactive, web-based forms will replace your paper forms. It is easy to use and results in submitted actions that are complete, accurate, and secure. It ships with about twenty-four commonly used, pre-configured forms including performance appraisals so you can start using it right out of the box.

You can even add special optional forms through plug-ins such as state and federal forms like W-4 and I-9. With proper security, you can easily create your own forms using any field other than benefit fields in Sage HRMS, and you don’t have to be a programmer to do it. A simple, interactive, wizard driven design tool will walk you through the process step-by-step. Just name your form and go through the wizard to choose the fields that are appropriate. It is as easy as a simple toggle to determine the field you’d like.

In this example. Let’s choose some current pay information. You can format them and continue to add as you wish. You can arrange them in the correct order, you can choose the workflow for whoever the approvers would be, choose the dates, add comments, and then you would finish your form.

Let’s take a look at a pay status change form. Choose the company, find the employee that the action will take place on, and select the “Pay Status Change” form for existing employees. As you can see, Sage HR Actions is fully integrated with Sage HRMS and Abra Suite so you will be able to pull information such as demographic or current values directly from Sage HRMS. You will send relevant information back to automatically update the employee file with necessary changes with no need for data entry. Simply fill in the fields that you have used to build your form and either save your draft or initiate your action. This will kick off the approval sequence and eventually update the old values with the new.

Investing in a tool that will promote communication at all levels, simplify employee changes and performance appraisal procedures is also an investment in your employees which will ultimately help your organization decrease its turnover rate, and increase your employees’ satisfaction.

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